Using Data to Tell a Compelling Product Story


Submit your business problem to be discussed in our live workshop hosted by the pros. 


Not sure how to leverage data to help crack your business problem? Submit your problem or key product decision here for a chance to get it solved LIVE in this webinar, by 280 Group experts.   

We’ll tackle submitted business problems and help you flesh out the data needed, the analytics methods to apply, and how it would improve your product decision-making. You’ll learn how to identify key insights, validate assumptions, and tell a compelling story that will win you support for your decisions. 


Note: The webinar will highlight a select number of business problems submitted. All attendees will learn the concepts to apply these techniques to become more data-informed product professionals.

On-Demand Workshop 

Examples of Key Business Problems: 

  • How can I convince leadership to invest in my idea for a new product? 
  • I have a mature product and need to extend its life but don’t know how. 
  • I have a long backlog of product ideas but there are too many opinions, and I don’t know which to work on first. 

About the Presenters


Roger Snyder

VP of Products and Services at 280 Group

Roger has over 25 years of experience in high technology, first working in development, project management, and business development before finding his true passion – product management. He has led product management teams for over 15 years, serving as Sr. Director or Vice President of product management at multiple firms.


Ryan Cantwell

Data-Informed Decisions Workshop Instructor at 280 Group

Ryan has 15+ years of professional experience in product management, applications engineering, and customer success. He has served in senior product roles at Industrial Scientific Corp and Automated Packaging System with extensive experience leading development teams and launching winning software as a service (SaaS) solutions in a B2B environment.