How to Turn Challenges into Opportunities Using Whole Product Thinking

One of the biggest mistakes that we see Product Managers make is that they often focus exclusively on features (as opposed to benefits). Whole Product Thinking addresses the entire experience of the product. Leveraging this concept is critical so you can build superior products and keep your customers coming back for more.



We, as Product Managers, want to keep customers coming back for more. To do this effectively, you must truly understand how your “whole product” delivers value to your customers. This means looking at the holistic experience—from acquisition, to first use, to (hopefully) loyal usage or repurchase for years to come.

Join our webinar so you can assess how your whole product experience provides value to customers. You’ll learn the three dimensions of Whole Product Thinking, how to relate customer needs to the product characteristics that can deliver value to meet those needs, and how a Product Manager can work within their company to build and deliver that value. Once you better understand your whole product, you can deliver products that are superior to the competition.

Your Panelists For This Webinar Are


Roger Snyder

280 Group VP of Marketing


Rina Vernovskaya

280 Group CEO