The role of a Product Manager has several key components and there are also multiple special skills needed in the development of different types of products. This is the case for Digital Product Managers, we talk about some of the main competencies and characteristics of this specific role.




What You Will Learn

Digital Product Managers move faster, make more informed decisions, and know more about how their product engages users than their non-digital counterparts. They’re also more attractive and better dressed! (Ok, maybe we’re just kidding.) But seriously, just because you own a digital product doesn’t mean you are a “Digital Product Manager.” The question is: Are you truly taking advantage of those unique capabilities to make traditional Product Managers jealous?    

During this webinar, we disscused how to become a true Digital Product Manager by leveraging build-measure-learn and in-product user engagement metrics to make smarter product decisions and find the optimal product-market fit. 

Key takeaways:
  • Key skills that differentiate a Digital Product Manager from a non-digital Product Manager.
  • How to leverage multiple dimensions to measure user engagement.
  • How digital Product Managers use build-measure-learn to iterate to product-market fit quickly.


About the Presenters


Todd Blaquiere

Principal Trainer and Consultant, 280 Group

Todd has deep experience in creating product and marketing strategies for companies ranging from start-up to enterprise. He is adept at building motivated teams, finding simple solutions to complex market problems, and delivering on winning strategies. Todd holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing and an MBA from Western Governors University. His career domains include engineering, media, publishing, non-profit, and life sciences.


Jake Yingling

Director of Client Services, 280 Group

Jake leads and manages the Client Services team that delivers training, optimization services, and consulting to its enterprise customers. Jake is a seasoned professional with over 15 years experience in product management, software development, and customer success. He is known for creating products and experiences that delight customers, maximize operational excellence, and deliver financial performance. Jake has spent time at companies including Capital One, E*TRADE, and Fiserv.