8 Trends to Track for 
Product Success in 2021  


Roger Snyder
VP of Marketing
280 Group

Roger Snyder is the Vice President of Marketing, and a Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group. He has over 25 years of experience in high technology, first working in development, project management, and business development before finding his true passion – product management.

8 Trends to Track for 
Product Success in 2021 

The year 2020 has proved to be a challenging one for many. Product Managers and leaders have had to pivot quickly and adapt their product and business goals to the “new normal.” Join us to discuss how we can continue to leverage the learnings from this year and the new big topics you will be tackling as we dive into 2021 together.  


The implications of new technologies being offered in 2021 to your products and services  

The latest techniques, concepts, or tools in Product Management that you should be using  

Other trends in 2021 you should be considering as you look for opportunities and threats for your products  


Let’s discuss some fresh perspectives on the big topics that Product Managers will be tackling this coming year. We’ll consider this from two angles:

  1. As a Product Manager in 2021, how do I get better at my job? What are some of the latest techniques, concepts, or tools that I should be using?
  2. What high-level trends and issues should I be educating myself on to consider the impact they will have on my product? 

Join Roger Snyder and our special guest, Denise Hemke, VP Analytics Strategy & Product Management at Workday for this exciting and informative webinar. You’ll learn their perspectives and expert advice on how you can make 2021 a great year for yourself and your products.


Denise Hemke focuses on analytics across Workday including core reporting capabilities and Prism Analytics. Denise has been building enterprise products for the last 19 years in a variety of different industries.

Most recently, she came to Workday via the Platfora acquisition where she was building an end-to-end BI platform that enabled self-service access for business analysts at petabyte scale data.

Denise Hemke
VP of Analytics Strategy & Product Management


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