The 5 Love Languages of Generative AI:

A Prompt-Whisperer's Guide to ChatGPT, Claude, & Bard

Struggling to Make Generative AI Your Product Co-Pilot?  Tired of wasting hours crafting prompts that go nowhere with ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard?
Join Dean Peters and Robyn Brooks as they uncover the secrets to developing AI superpowers that get real product management stuff done.  In this fast-paced webinar, you'll master the 5 Love Languages to transform generative AI from frustrating time-wasters into trusted product partners. They'll cut through the hype to reveal proven techniques like:
  1. Word of Clarity: Set up your AI sidekick for success.
  2. Time of Learning: Evolve session understanding through chain-of-thought prompting.
  3. Gifts of Insight: Extract excellence with some well-targeted few-shot prompts.
  4. Acts of Refinement: Provide the nurturing RLHF feedback your AI craves for optimization.
  5. Touches of Creativity: Explore personas to create compelling conversation starters.
Don't let another day pass with an unfulfilling AI relationship. Watch now to turn generative AI into your product team's secret weapon.

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The Presenters


Dean Peters

Principal Consultant & Trainer, 280 Group

Dean Peters offers nearly twenty years of experience in product management with a prior decade as a software developer for real-time system integration. Driven by a passion for replacing pain points with user delight, he has empowered teams in startups such as Dude Solutions, Aprimo, and Seven Lakes Technologies and enterprise settings such as IQVIA, Citrix, and McClatchy. Leaning on his ability to translate technical details into valuable outcomes, Dean has led a number of innovations in the areas of AI, NLP, and Mobile across various domains, including healthcare, energy, education, law enforcement, and news media.

Along with this work, Dean has presented on agile and product management topics at events such as ProductCamp, ProductTank, Pendomonium, and Red Hat Agile Day. An on-and-off blogger, Dean’s writings on product and agile have found their way into the product lexicon; the most recent example is his collaboration with ProductBoard’s “Dangerous Animals of Product Management.”

Dean holds a masters in computer science from Hood College and a bachelor of arts from East Carolina University.


Robyn Brooks

Director of Product Management, 280 Group

Robyn holds over 10 years of experience leading teams in the education and compliance technology space. She started her career as a teacher and instructional designer, and is passionate about leveraging technology to help people learn and excel in both classroom and professional settings.