10 Keys to Unlocking a Winning Product Team, Part 2

If you joined us for Part 1, you are on your way to setting the right culture to get your Product Management team to really flourish. Whether you are new to leading a product team or you’ve been in the role for years, we're here to help you learn new ways to reinvigorate your crew.



Our two veterans of Product Management leadership will discuss the remaining five key touchstones to help get your team on the right track now. You’ll learn what a successful Product Management team looks like through the key touchstones of success and how to setup the four attributes of business culture to enable these touchstones. If you’ve already started work on the first five, bring your questions and any challenges you’ve faced. We want to help you enable each team member to achieve greatness with their products and support each other on the journey.

Join Jen Cano, Vice President and Principal Product Manager at Elsevier, and Roger Snyder, Vice President of Marketing and Principal Consultant/Trainer at 280 Group as they share these tips based on their combined experience of 30+ years of Product Management leadership.

Your Panelists For This Webinar Are


Roger Snyder

VP of Marketing280 Group


Jen Cano

VP of Product Elsevier