Tackling Digital Product Management, Part 4:
Pricing the Flavors of “Free”


Chris Seidell
Senior Director of Growth

Chris has 15+ years of experience turning information into insights and insights into growth opportunities for various companies. He has significant passion and experience with consumer products, user research, experimentation (e.g. A/B testing), transactional data analysis; qualitative and quantitative market research; strategy and product development.

Tackling Digital Product Management, Part 4:
Pricing the Flavors of “Free”

Everyone has a favorite price—free. The power of “free” triggers delight and draws eyes. Give your customers a taste to whet their appetite and get them hungry for more. From “free trial” to “freemium,” you’ll learn how to use Product-Led Growth pricing techniques to give before you get and watch the leads pour in.


The latest PLG trends that evolved in response to the pandemic, and their outcomes

Factors to know before choosing from various PLG pricing frameworks

Key learnings from products/companies that successfully converted “freemium” customers to happy, paying customers


In the fourth of our ongoing series of Digital Product Management topics, we’ll focus on the critical factors to consider when pricing and packaging your product—especially for “free” versions.

Join us to learn how Product-Led Growth techniques enable your customers to receive value from your product before you receive value from them (in the form of payment). On the surface, this seems like a simple concept: Helping your customers fall in love with some free version of your product will often compel them to pay for it initially, renew, and even refer others. However, there are several critical factors to consider and decisions to make along the way about what to give away and what to charge for.


Kyle leads OpenView’s Growth Team, responsible for advising portfolio executive teams on strategies to increase revenue growth and dominate their markets. OpenView is the expansion stage SaaS VC and coined the term Product Led Growth in 2016. Its portfolio includes Calendly, Datadog, Deputy, and Expensify.

Kyle Poyar
VP of Growth

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