Product Success in 2020: Six Trends You Must Track

Curious about the future? Aren’t we all!? In this first installment of our 2020 PM Leadership webinar series, we’ll peer into our crystal ball and consider the trends and technologies of 2020 that every Product Manager should be thinking about for their own products and services. We’ll also discuss the latest techniques, tools, and concepts that Product Managers should put to work to better understand their markets, competitors, and customer needs as they build their product visions and roadmaps for 2020.



Join David Nash for an exciting and informative webinar to get you thinking about how you’re going to make 2020 a great year for yourself and your products.

We’re kicking off 2020 with an Implications of Change theme. We’ll give you fresh perspectives on some of the big topics that Product Managers will be tackling this year. We’ll consider this from two angles:

As a Product Manager in 2020, how do I get better at my job? What are some of the latest techniques, concepts, or tools that I should be using? What high-level trends and issues should I be educating myself on to consider the impact they will have on my product? If you just got back from CES 2020, or read the show summaries, we intend to help you think through the potential implications to your own products and services.

Your Panelists For This Webinar Are


David Nash

280 Group Principal Trainer and Consultant


Pamela Schure

280 Group Director of Products and Services