The Product Operations Powerhouse—and 
Why You Need it


Shelly La Rock
NAVEX Global
Director of Product Operations

Shelly La Rock is Director of Product Operations at NAVEX Global. While Product Operations is a new area for many organizations, Shelly has been operationalizing shared services teams for the last 15 years, building scalable, repeatable programs for release management, communications, internal and customer enablement, and data analysis to give Product Managers more time to manage products.

The Product Operations Powerhouse—and 
Why You Need it

Congratulations! As a result of your product and business success, your Product team has grown. Soon your team could be twice that size. Driving this growth is a successful, maturing product or product family, with many customers. Unfortunately, what got you here almost certainly won’t carry you forward. What will help your team deliver better value via scalable, repeatable processes? Product Operations. It’s time to leverage ProdOps to drive your future success.


How a successful leader in Enterprise B2B SaaS has met the challenge

Sources of growing pains and friction that can challenge scaling your PM organization

A blueprint for how a ProdOps practice and team can be built


You’ve scraped by so far, and your reward for performing well is unprecedented demand on your team, from all around your company. You must now focus on how you will scale your PM practice so that your Product Managers can be more effective using consistent tools and processes in these six key areas: 

  1. Cross-team communications and stakeholder alignment 
  2. Data analytics and product instrumentation   
  3. Experimentation   
  4. Customer and partner feedback management and analysis 
  5. Release management to Beta and Production audiences 
  6. Roadmap, portfolio, and resource management   

Are your Product Managers competent in these areas? If your team is made of somewhat independent PMs who “do their own thing” each day and solve primarily for their own needs, you’re not alone. This is the reality of many fast-growing Product teams that are struggling to scale effectively.  

You need a Product Operations–ProdOps–practice, and you need it now. This is the key to deliver better value via scalable, repeatable processes, and artifacts.


Rina is the CEO of 280 Group. She began her career at McKinsey & Company as an analyst on the credit portfolio team, offering trading recommendations to hedge against credit and interest rate exposure. Rina joined with a focus on bringing transformative change to organizations by arming product people with the right tools and skills to do great product management.

David Nash
280 Group
VP of Products and Services

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