No Bragging Required

As Product Managers, we all hope that if we work hard and do a good job, the rewards—recognition, bonuses, promotion—will follow. Sadly, recent studies show women are not achieving the same level of success as men in many fields, including technology, science, academia, and venture capital. Learn how to curb the barriers and implement important strategies to gain recognition from Product Leaders so you can stand out from the crowd.



In this webinar, we’ll share recent research results and news reports that demonstrate some of the most significant barriers that women still face and offer specific behavioral strategies you can use to overcome them. We’ll discuss how we can stop getting in our own way and how to handle the unconscious bias that affects so many workplaces.

How can you ensure that your great work is recognized and valued—and “promote” yourself without feeling like, or being treated like, you’re bragging? Learn the tools you need to get the recognition you deserve, in ways that you can feel good about.

Your Panelists For This Webinar Are


Linda Thompson

Executive Coach & Consultant L2T Leadership Development


Pam Schure

Director of Products and Services 280 Group