Modern Budgeting
For Today's PM World

In today’s ever-changing landscape, flexibility and agility with respect to funding models during product development is key. Rather than taking a traditional “waterfall” approach – defining a set of potential projects and prioritizing them to fit within the annual budget – an agile approach enables organizations to respond to inevitable market changes. Adopting a more agile approach to funding will positively impact your company’s ability to seize new market opportunities and drive revenue.


What You Will Learn

"We have adopted the Agile development approach, but our funding is still waterfall!"   

Sound familiar? 

The traditional “waterfall” method of funding is based upon a defined list of projects for the year: companies scope out a set of potential projects, then prioritize them to fit within the annual budget. However, we all know that market factors change throughout the year, and the best laid plans must also change. Companies that are locked into the traditional approach to funding often fail to move fast enough to capitalize on opportunities before they expire – or before a competitor beats them to it.  

During this webinar, we'll explore the challenges organizations face with traditional funding models and explore a modern approach that can help companies fund the right investments at the right time and adapt and pivot as the market changes. 

The challenges traditional funding models create for Product Managers Three funding models that support a more agile approach to funding Examples of companies who have successfully implemented agile funding approaches, and the benefits they’ve realized

Your Panelists For This Webinar Are


Tom Evans

Principal Consultant and Trainer | 280 Group


Roger Snyder

VP of Marketing | 280 Group