How to Manage Your Career Like a Product


“I couldn't figure out for a long time in my career where I wanted to go. Up? Sure, but as product managers there's many more directions than 'up'. I waited for too long thinking that my talent will be recognized and somehow this moves me up magically, until I figured out I needed to manage my career like a product and actively develop it.” 

Join our live webinar with Leah Tharin, Principal Product Manager at Smallpdf, to get your career on the fast track. Learn how to get honest feedback about your skills, plot your path through The Product Leadership Canyon, and what recruiters need to see so you can get ahead.   

On-Demand Webinar

What You Will Learn

  • Areas you can specialize in 
  • The best resources for product managers 
  • Individual Contributor vs. Manager track 
  • How to get experience when you don't have any 
  • How to grow by helping others to grow 

About the Presenters


Leah Tharin

Product Lead / Principal Product Manager at Smallpdf

Hi there, my name is Leah and I've been a passionate Product Manager for over 12 years. I work as a Product Lead / Principal Product Manager at Smallpdf and help other product managers and companies to grow. I love sharing what I know about product-led growth, organizational scaling, and anything in product on LinkedIn and my podcast to give something back to the community.