Cultivating a Strategic Product Team, Part 2: 
Elevating Executive Gate Reviews


Ken Feehan
Principal Consultant and Trainer
280 Group

Ken Feehan is a Principal Consultant and Trainer for 280 Group. He has 20+ years of Product Management and Product Marketing experience at top companies like Apple, Intuit, and Dolby. He has run cradle-to-grave lifecycle management at hardware companies, felt the pressure of product launch at start-ups, performed forecasting and Product Management for Dolby as it went public, and performed as the Product Owner in fast-moving Agile teams.

Cultivating a Strategic Product Team, Part 2: 
Elevating Executive Gate Reviews

In Part 2, we’ll show you how to make your product gate reviews far more effective and strategic. Using the Product One Pager we introduced in Part 1, Product Managers can communicate their project’s status quickly and easily, and seek approval for their next steps. This process helps PMs and their reviewers focus on outcomes, rather than outputs so they can drive the success of their product in the market and ensure quality decisions are made to help achieve business goals.


Establish a Phase/Gate Executive Review Process that is executive-friendly, brief, and effective

Focus on outcomes so that individuals and teams of Product Managers can be more effective and strategic

Ensure that Product Managers focus on the success of their product in the market, so that the quality of decisions made by Product Managers will get better and be more valuable to your company


As a follow-on to the Part 1 webinar, The Power of the Product One-Pager, Ken Feehan will explain how to use the Product One-Pager to make your product gate reviews more effective and executive-friendly. Forget long status meetings and embrace five-minute updates where Product Managers communicate their project’s status in a simple statement. In this process, PMs will report that their project is either proceeding from inception to market success and conforming to key facts documented on the Product One-Pager OR that the project has gone “out of bounds” and is recommending a specific remedy.

The power of this best-practice gate review process will unlock a system that motivates Product Managers to drive towards outcomes and not outputs. It makes executive review practical and useful, and ensures that you always have a “plan of record.” The strategic use of this process will help you improve the performance of your Product Management team, and demonstrate your own effectiveness as a leader!


Rina is the CEO of 280 Group. She began her career at McKinsey & Company as an analyst on the credit portfolio team, offering trading recommendations to hedge against credit and interest rate exposure. Rina joined with a focus on bringing transformative change to organizations by arming product people with the right tools and skills to do great product management.

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