Cultivating a Strategic Product Team

Too many Product Managers are stuck being tactical—working long hours and putting out fires. We’ve put together a two-part webinar series to help PM leaders give their teams more time to be strategic. In Part 1, we’ll explain how to leverage the simple, yet powerful, Product One-Pager. Download our free template after the webinar to help your Product Managers increase alignment across the organization and reduce firefighting time as a result.



In this two-part webinar series, we’ll show PM leaders how to increase the alignment and autonomy of the product teams they work with, freeing up more time to do strategic product work. In Part 1, we’ll introduce the power of the Product One-Pager, which succinctly establishes a product’s goals and the boundaries the product team can operate within to achieve these goals. In Part 2, we’ll explain how to more effectively make decisions about product goals, and increase organizational and executive alignment using a Product Review Board process.

Here in Part 1, you’ll learn how the bare minimum amount of process and documentation (it’s one page, after all) can help thoughtful Product Managers communicate more clearly, align their product to company goals, and utilize a secret tool to help them “manage up .” This customizable template will focus the development, marketing, and sales efforts around a few key messages and help your PMs be more strategic. Sharing and leveraging this resource with your PM team will increase alignment across departments and answer many questions, giving the PMs more time to focus on more strategic product work. It’s also a great tool to share quarterly “news-making” events across your organization.

Your Panelists For This Webinar Are


Ken Feehan

280 Group Principal Consultant and Trainer


RIna Vernovskaya

280 Group CEO