Building Great Products With Superior Product Management Skills


Roger Snyder
280 Group
VP of Marketing

Roger Snyder is the Vice President of Marketing and a Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group. He has worked in the field of Product Management for over 20 years, with experience in startups, growth companies, and various technology sectors. He specializes in improving product strategy development, implementing full product lifecycle processes, and roadmap development and evolution.  From his experience at startups through his time at Microsoft, Roger has been involved in many facets of the mobile industry, from infrastructure products that pioneered accessing the Internet from a mobile phone, to complete smartphones, to mobile cloud services and applications across iOS and Android.   

As a consultant and trainer, Roger has worked with companies in various industries, including consumer products, technology, SaaS, mobile, health insurance, and professional services. He has used his experience to help companies improve their full product lifecycle process, whole product considerations, competitive and market research processes, and roadmap development and evolution.  

Building Great Products with Superior Product Management Skills  

Fifteen different studies have shown that between 60% and 95% of products fail. 

So, how do you ensure that your team is building products that can beat these odds? It starts with building a team of Product Managers that have the right skills to do their jobs phenomenally well.

In this second webinar in our PM Leadership series, you'll learn how to improve your team's talent using a consistent, repeatable process that takes a long-term perspective to skill identification and growth.


Identify the 15 skills PMs need

Maximize the benefits of training

Leverage your training investment


As a Product Management leader, you are constantly encouraging your Product Managers to build better productsBut unless you own products or product lines of your own, what should you be building? You know the answer: a stronger product management teamand in particular, better Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers.  

In this second webinar in our PM Leadership series, we’re going to focus on how to improve the talent of the Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers on your team using a consistent, repeatable process that takes a long-term perspective. What are the skills they need to have and how do you measure them? What's the right skill level to expect, for their years of experience? How do I get them to the next stage of performance?   

What You Will Learn: 

  • Review of the 15 skills Product Managers need, and what levels of skills to expect and aim to improve based on years of experience  

  • How to maximize the benefits of various forms of training to improve your team 

  • Tips to leverage your training investment after the training is over to keep the learning going, and see the real application of new skills to your product portfolio 


Rina is the CEO of 280 Group. She began her career at McKinsey & Company as an analyst on the credit portfolio team, offering trading recommendations to hedge against credit and interest rate exposure. She then joined MetLife’s Global Leadership Development Program, focusing on employee recognition programs and removing roadblocks to support intrapreneurship in the Latin America Office of Innovation. 

Rina joined the 280 Group with a focus on bringing transformative change to organizations by arming product people with the right tools and skills to do great product management. Her job running the company at the 280 Group is made easy with an amazing team aligned on continuous learning and development and determined to go above and beyond to always delight their clients.   

RIna Vernovskaya
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