Are Personas Dead?

Get ready to enter the courtroom of product management! Join us for a riveting webinar that explores the legal battle surrounding personas. The case at hand: "Are Personas Dead?" We'll dive deep into the world of personas and scrutinize why the traditional approach may be under fire. 

In this gripping session, we testify on both sides of the persona debate, shedding light on where they can be used as allies or adversaries in the products we manage. Gain fresh insights into the evolving legal landscape of personas and their impact on the products we manage.

Don't miss this opportunity to become a juror and balance product management’s scales of justice. Watch now and let's embark on this legal exploration together – will you cast your verdict for the persona revolution or bid them farewell? 

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Your Presenters


Ryan Cantwell

Principal Consultant & Trainer, 280 Group

Ryan Cantwell has more than 15 years of professional experience in product management, applications engineering, and customer success.

Before joining the 280 Group, Ryan served in senior product roles at Industrial Scientific Corp and Automated Packaging System. Through these roles he has extensive experience leading development teams and software as a service (SaaS) solutions in a B2B environment. In addition, he has a track record of success designing products that solve customer problems and introducing continuous improvement practices within the product teams he serves.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ryan holds a BA in Marketing and MBA from Kent State University.


Robyn Brooks

Director of Product Management & Instructional Design, 280 Group

Robyn holds over 10 years of experience leading teams in the education and compliance technology space. She started her career as a teacher and instructional designer, and is passionate about leveraging technology to help people learn and excel in both classroom and professional settings.