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Optimal Product Management

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Start driving results by building products and services that matter.

In our Optimal Product Management (OPM) course, Product Managers learn to align their work with business outcomes, all while developing products customers love.  OPM is the go-to, customer-led product management methodology that successful companies use to spend less time on unnecessary work and more time developing products and services that move the needle.



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Key Benefits 



The skills and practice necessary to be an excellent Product Manager in any company that develops products or services for sale, or internal applications. 


Best Practices

Flexible and robust techniques to manage any product or service, at any stage in the product life cycle, using the 280 Group Product Blueprint. 



How to effectively work with internal and external stakeholders and prioritize product development by focusing on delivering product and business outcomes. 


Leadership Skills

The knowledge and practices Product Managers need to influence without authority. 

Product Pros


When you partner with 280 Group, you get a wealth of experience from some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the business – precisely the people you need to drive results.


Our trainers are passionate Product Pros, dedicated full-time to helping you deliver products their customers are delighted to buy.   


Course Outline

  • Unit 1: The Who, What, and Why of Product Management
  • Unit 2: Problem Exploration
  • Unit 3: Define Cont.
  • Unit 4: Continuously Delivering Outcomes
  • Next Steps - Transforming as a PM

Become Outcome Driven.

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