Leading Change in Product Management Course

This course will be more than leading a team of Product Managers in the traditional sense. Whether you are a new leader, an aspiring or a seasoned one, you strive to make your team more effective and to make better products that impact your company and your customers. This means you need to lead change, and this will be the course to get you there. After submitting your information, we will follow-up at a later date with details on course availability.


More Than Just Training

This course will equip product leaders with everything needed to add an additional layer of support to build upon their fundamental trainings and work experiences to lead change within their organization. This will be accomplished with a three-step approach:


Evaluate Your Strengths and Needs

 Using a standardized rubric of key skills necessary for effective team leadership, you’ll: 

-Take a personal self-assessment of your leadership skills   

-Invite your team and peers to answer a '360' (anonymous) assessment of your leadership strengths and areas for development 


Receive Tailored Instruction

Based on your evaluation results, you and other PM Leaders will learn from an expert instructor how to:

-Increase and accelerate the impact of your product team as a leader

-Gain insight on how to apply core management and leadership techniques to the unique context of PM teams

-Understand the imperative of leading change for your team and company


Plan For Success and Measure Progress

With the knowledge and skills you’ve gained, you’ll then:

-Build a personalized development plan

-Distill your focus areas into an action plan to prioritize those actions which will have the fastest and greatest impact 

-Track your improvement over time via follow-up assessments

Improve Upon Your Leadership Skills and Become More Effective in Leading Change


Who Is This Course Intended For? 

  • Product Leaders (including and especially those newer to the role)
  • Aspiring Leaders 


Common Challenges to be Addressed: 

  • Transition from being an individual contributor to a leader
  • How to expand your current skillset beyond managing projects to leading teams
  • Leading 'out and up' to align with stakeholders across your organization


Learn How To: 

  • Identify common barriers for leaders and leverage your strengths to overcome them
  • Fully empower your team to drive their product initiatives with multiple techniques
  • Lead change across your organization


When comparing results for Directors/Vice Presidents versus Product Managers, skill levels rise by an average of 28% and 32%, respectively. Training is key for reaching these higher authority roles.
When asked 'If you took PM training today which problem would you need help with?', 35% of Product Leaders answered 'I want to improve, but I'm unsure how to level up my skills'.
Of the respondents who completed 280 Group's Leadership Needs Survey, 88% of current PM leaders have been in PM for at least 6 years - but their tenure as leaders varies considerably, with almost half having 0-5 years of PM leadership experience.
The overwhelming majority of Product Leaders lack continuous training. 37% of Product Leaders have not had any formal PM training, and an additional 50% of Product Leaders had training over one year ago.

Thank you for your interest! Once we have completed building out this course, you will receive additional information from us.