On-Demand Webinar
Behind the Product:
Disney's Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel


Thursday  |  May 4, 2023  |  11am PT  |  2pm ET

Since acquiring Lucasfilm, Disney's time with the Star Wars franchise, (from a purely business perspective), has been very successful.  Look at the popularity of Grogu, (or “Baby Yoda” for the less informed), as a prime example.  Mandalorian merchandise is everywhere, movies and tv shows have been very successful, and Star Wars land at the Disney theme parks has been a massive hit.  

Yet, amongst all this, there has been one misstep: Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel.

Within a year of opening, the immersive hotel experience was struggling to fill cabins, cancelling “voyages”, and scrambling to find ways to get guests to take part in this pricey adventure.  What happened?  How did Disney, who has done so well with its theme parks, hotels, and cruise lines, miss the mark?

These are the questions our Product Pros, (and Star Wars fans), will answer in our special, May the 4th webinar, (don’t worry, it’s not “special” in a “Star Wars Holiday Special” kind of way).  This is your chance to learn from Disney’s misstep as Star Wars fans, Todd Blaquiere, Ryan Cantwell, and Roger Snyder, use their product management expertise to explain what Disney could have done, and how they might get this Starcruiser back on course.

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The Presenters


Todd Blaquiere

Principal Consultant & Trainer, 280 Group

Todd has deep experience in creating product and marketing strategies for companies ranging from start-up to enterprise. Based on the conviction that a focus on people will have a greater impact on the bottom line than a focus on the bottom line would, Todd prioritizes the person over everything else. His career domains include engineering, media, publishing, non-profit, and life sciences.


Ryan Cantwell

Principal Consultant & Trainer, 280 Group

Ryan has more than 15 years of professional experience in product management, applications engineering, and customer success, leading development teams and software as a service (SaaS) solutions in a B2B environment. His track record of success consists of designing products that solve customer problems and introducing continuous improvement practices within the product teams he serves.


Roger Snyder

Principal Consultant & Trainer, 280 Group

Roger has over 25 years of experience in high technology, first working in development, project management, business development, and product management. He has made impactful contributions to product at Openwave, Microsoft, Savi and Immersion. Roger uses his experience to help companies improve their product strategy development, product lifecycle process, full product considerations, competitive and market research processes, and roadmap development and evolution.