Product Manager Interview: How To Get Hired

You just got an interview for a Product Manager job…congratulations!

Maybe you’re looking to advance to the next level in your career, or you’re looking to break into one of the most exciting and fastest-growing careers today. What do you do now? Many candidates will scour the internet for typical interview questions and the highly curated suggested answers. You may memorize some and try to present yourself as the “perfect Product Manager.”

But pat answers are not what good interviewers are looking for. They want to understand you, how you think, and how you’ll operate under pressure. We’ve created a comprehensive workbook that helps you prepare for four different styles of interview questions that many companies use as a part of their interview process. Preparation using this workbook will give you the confidence and skills you need to nail that interview.



About half of companies do not use a consistent Product Management process
One in five products being delivered fail to meet customer needs
Indicated that the skill levels of Product Managers at their company varied greatly
In companies doing Agile, the majority of Product Managers are Product Owners