Product Management Scoring Model Prioritization Tool

One of the biggest challenges to building a great Product Roadmap is making sure you understand what is most important for your product’s success. Should you put more emphasis on feature requests from Sales, address issues that customer support is raising, or be planning for that new feature that promises to expand your customer base?

You need a transparent system that defines your evaluation criteria and allows you to weigh which factors are most or least important. You also want to allow stakeholders to have input in the process and see how you are defining product success.

We’re here to help. Our PM Scoring Model Prioritization Tool provides you with a simple-to-use, yet powerful spreadsheet template, that helps you define your own evaluation criteria, establish a scoring system, and weight the priorities against each other. We provide a sample set of criteria to help you think about customer needs, business metrics, and competitive considerations. From there, you can set your own priorities, then step back and see the big picture of what really matters to the future success of your product.



About half of companies do not use a consistent Product Management process
One in five products being delivered fail to meet customer needs
Indicated that the skill levels of Product Managers at their company varied greatly
In companies doing Agile, the majority of Product Managers are Product Owners