The Product Leader Pack


Get your team & organization prioritizing product goals that drive tangible results.  Use this FREE pack to get started.


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The Product Leader Pack

Break Free from the Feature Factory

Is your product team a 'feature factory'?  Too often, product teams put in long hours, but their work fails to drive meaningful outcomes. To help product leaders break free from this cycle, we created the Product Leader Pack.

Outcomes are the desired results a product is intended to achieve. This requires setting clear objectives from the start and devising strategies to accomplish them throughout the product's development.

We've handpicked 3 powerful 'Plays' from the 280 Group Playbook, specifically designed to align teams around outcomes, and made them available for free. Use these plays and their templates to prioritize outcomes and adopt an approach that bridges the gap between strategic vision and tactical execution. With the Product Leader Pack, transform your team from being a 'feature factory' to an 'outcome operation'.


template 14

The Outcome Tree

Great product leaders and managers must be able to clearly trace the through-line from the smallest level of work being completed all the way up to business outcomes.
template 17

Outcomes Based Roadmap

Gives the ability to work backwards from the desired product outcomes, identifying and creating a set of initiatives and features that will feed those outcomes.

template 21

Measuring Outcomes

Connecting your output to the outcomes that matter, and knowing how to correctly measure it all.

Turn everyday work into real outcomes.

Learn to prioritize product goals that drive tangible results.


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Proven Process

Work more efficiently, be effective, and collaborative, ultimately leading to better products and greater success.



These templates should be used by every Product Manager to act strategically and build products that customers will gladly buy and use to solve important problems.


Built by Experts

With our Playbook, you get a wealth of expertise from our deep bench of experts in Product Management.

The Templates

This Playbook Pack consists of three templates. Our templates are designed to inspire and help you, or your direct reports, to accomplish the outcomes required for your business.

Page 1 provides an overview and description of the templates.  Instructions and examples are on page 2, and a fully interactive form on page three, that you can use to share with your colleagues.


280 Group Product Blueprint

A modern, unique, and versatile representation of the best practice process for product managers. Wherever you are in the Playbook, we have a template for that.


Do the Work

Each template contains a completely fillable and interactive last page. you can fill this out on a computer/digitally, save and share with your team.

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Turn everyday work into long-term outcomes.  We'll help you get there.