The Product Management Starter Pack

No matter your experience level, you should build off a solid foundation.


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3 Plays from the 280 Group Playbook

Whether you’re new to product management or a seasoned veteran, all product professionals should work off a solid foundation.  Knowing the outcomes you’re working towards is the best foundation that product managers to build on, a foundation you can gain with the 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack.

The 280 Group Product Management Starter Pack provides product professionals with 3 free assets to help get product teams working together towards the right outcomes.  The pack includes 3 “Plays” (or guides) with examples and templates taken directly from the 280 Group Playbook, made to empower product managers.



Outcome & Strategy - Guided Discussion


From Play #1, the goal is to make sure that product managers and product leaders are aligned as a team, working together towards real outcomes.


Positioning Statement


Create a positioning statement that demonstrates a unique value proposition for your product compared to competing products on the market.


Stakeholder Alignment


In this play, you list all involved Stakeholders and chart their level of engagement to ensure they are given the proper amount of involvement with a given product. 

Go from Project to Product.  

Become Outcome Driven.


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The Templates

This Playbook Pack is made up of 3 Plays, each of which contain a guide with examples and templates you can start using in your work, right away.  

Use the template in Play 01 to align product outcomes with business outcomes, or in Play 03 to build a competitive matrix and positioning statement.

Each play gets you and your team focused and working towards outcomes that matter, fast.

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280 Group Product Blueprint

A modern, unique, and versatile representation of the best practice process for product managers. Wherever you are in the Playbook, we have a template for that.


Do the Work

Each template contains a completely fillable and interactive last page. you can fill this out on a computer/digitally, save and send to your manager. print and bring to a meeting.

What are you waiting for?


Proven Process

Work more efficiently, be effective, and collaborative, ultimately leading to better products and greater success.



Product Manager can act strategically and build products that customers will gladly buy and use to solve important problems with the help of these templates.


Built by Experts

With our Playbook, you get a wealth of expertise from our deep bench of experts in Product Management.

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