Product-Led Growth Maturity Assessment

Product-Led Growth (PLG) is a quickly-developing set of best practices wherein your Product–rather than your Marketing and Sales programs–becomes your primary growth driver.

Product-Led companies perform better according to OpenView Partners, a Boston-based Venture Capital firm. They are an expert on the topic, and have an index of PLG-led SaaS companies that shows super performance versus their Public SaaS index companies in multiple dimensions, including Revenue, Revenue Growth. These companies were also able to invest a higher percentage of Revenue in R&D vs Sales & Marketing.

Becoming Product-Led requires an honest assessment of how to master transitions to this new growth model. Use this tool to help you benchmark your PLG maturity and readiness.



About half of companies do not use a consistent Product Management process
One in five products being delivered fail to meet customer needs
Indicated that the skill levels of Product Managers at their company varied greatly
In companies doing Agile, the majority of Product Managers are Product Owners