How Product Managers Can Do More With Less

In today's fast-paced world, Product Managers are constantly challenged to deliver exceptional results while juggling limited resources. We understand your struggles and are here to equip you with the strategies, techniques, and insider tips that will transform your approach.

Get ready to boost your productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness as a Product Manager!

During this insightful webinar, you will:

🚀 Discover powerful strategies to optimize your time and resources, allowing you to achieve remarkable outcomes, even with limited budgets and constraints.

🎯 Learn proven techniques to prioritize effectively and focus on the initiatives that truly drive success, ensuring you never waste time on the wrong things.

🔑 Uncover the secrets of product pros who have mastered the art of doing more with less, and gain practical insights to apply to your own projects.

No matter your level of experience, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this webinar will provide you with the inspiration, knowledge, and skills to maximize your potential and achieve exceptional results.

Don't miss out! Register to unlock the secrets to doing more with less as a Product Manager. Let's elevate how we create, deliver, and manage successful products together!

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The Presenters


Joe Ghali

Principal Consultant & Trainer, 280 Group
Joe Ghali is a Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group. With over 15 years of experience in Product Management working for Fortune 100 & 500 organizations, he has been part of several significant product launches throughout his career. Joe's experience as both a Product Manager and Product Owner has given a strong conviction that the most successful products are the result of strong Product and Agile teams who are transparent, collaborative, and vulnerable. And the key to those high performing teams is strong Product Management leadership at the helm.

Roni Ben Aharon

Co-founder, CPO & CTO at Craft.io

Roni Ben Aharon is a technology entrepreneur and product manager, experienced in both software development and product management. Roni began his career in software development - M.Sc in Computer Science and several years of experience in algorithm & frontend development. At Wix.com, Roni shifted his focus to product management, where he could leverage his technical expertise to drive innovation and lead several products. After 8 years, he moved on to Booking.com, to lead machine-learning-based products. Later on, he started his adventure at Craft.io.


Kate Fuchs

Product Manager, 280 Group
Kate Fuchs is a Product Manager with 280 Group. She has over 5 years experience in Product Management and over a decade in EdTech. With a background in counseling, she is able to empathize and understand customer needs and translate them into the language of product. She has experience in SaaS Learning and Student Management Systems, data integrations, B2B, and B2C product management.