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Product Management Lessons from the Southwest Airlines Fiasco

The recent Southwest Airlines flight cancellations over the holidays hit close to home for 280 Group's Joe Ghali and his family. They were one of the many passengers stranded at the airport, and it got him thinking about the challenges that growing organizations face in the product management space.

280 Group Product Consultant, Joe Ghali, and Craft.io Founder and CEO, Elad Simon discuss what you can do as a Product Manager to face these challenges head-on. In this on-demand webinar, we discuss the following:

  • Understand the importance of technical debt and how to prioritize it appropriately
  • How to “sell” the importance of technical debt to your executive team
  • The importance and criticality of your “internal” customers and how their voice can influence your roadmap 

Joe Ghali, 280 Group
Elad Simon, Craft.io

Robyn Brooks, 280 Group

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About the Presenters


Joe Ghali

Principal Consultant & Trainer, 280 Group

Joe Ghali is a Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group. With over 15 years of experience in Product Management working for Fortune 100 & 500 organizations, he has been part of several significant product launches throughout his career. Joe's experience as both a Product Manager and Product Owner has given a strong conviction that the most successful products are the result of strong Product and Agile teams who are transparent, collaborative, and vulnerable. And the key to those high performing teams is strong Product Management leadership at the helm.


Elad Simon

CEO, Craft.io

Elad is the Co-founder and CEO of Craft.io, an enterprise that provides product managers, owners, and senior executives the tools that they need to focus on building and shipping great products. Before this, Elad was the VP of Low Touch and Media Operations at Taboola. Prior to that, he spent just over five years working as part of the team at Google. As Head of Growth Engine at Google, he managed their digital skills programs for individuals and SMBs in Europe, helping millions grow their businesses and careers.


Robyn Brooks

Senior Product Manager, 280 Group

Robyn Brooks is a Senior Product Manager with 280 Group. She has over a decade of experience in Product Management and Product Marketing, primarily in the EdTech and B2B SaaS Software domains. She is passionate about closing the empathy gap with customers and incorporating measurable feedback into the product management process.