Evaluating Your Product Metrics

Digital Product Managers know that they need to track the usage of their application to measure its effectiveness. By watching how users actually interact with their application and more broadly with their company, they can identify what parts of the experience are most valued, where users have the most difficulties, and uncover areas for improvement that can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty – ultimately leading to more revenue and success.

This set of tools helps you determine your most significant gaps and opportunities for improvement across five categories of metrics in three vital areas: how you measure, how frequently you measure, and how your results inform your actions.

With this information, you can identify which areas you should measure more effectively, to better understand your customers’ needs and improve the value of your application.



About half of companies do not use a consistent Product Management process
One in five products being delivered fail to meet customer needs
Indicated that the skill levels of Product Managers at their company varied greatly
In companies doing Agile, the majority of Product Managers are Product Owners